Resurse Codeigniter

Cateva din resursele pe care le gasesti pe internet si te poti folosii de ele pentru diferite proiecte folosind Codeigniter.


  • Pusaka CMS – Flat file CMS.
  • Fuelcms – The content management system for premium-grade websites.
  • No-CMS – A CodeIgniter Based CMS Framework.
  • cms-canvas – CodeIgniter CMS.
  • Ionize CMS – ionize, native multilingual CMS.
  • Codefight CMS – Codefight a CodeIgniter CMS.
  • Bonfire – Jumpstart your CodeIgniter web applications.
  • Hoosk – Hoosk CodeIgniter CMS.
  • Halogy – Friendly, open source, easy-to-use publishing.
  • ImageCMS – Open source php CMS based on CodeIgniter.
  • nodCMS – A Free CMS powered by CodeIgniter.
  • MaxSite CMS – MaxSite CMS.
  • ci-cms – CI-CMS using Modular Extensions.
  • Codeigniter-Egypt – Another CodeIgniter CMS, With some Love.




Third Party



  • Twiggy – Template engine implementation for CodeIgniter.
  • CodeIgniter-Template – Template library for CodeIgniter.
  • CodeIgniter Template Library – A template library for CodeIgniter.
  • MY_Controller – Simple template engine and many convenience features.
  • Assets – Simple assets manager supports LESS, SASS, CoffeeScript.
  • Attire – An implementation of Twig template engine and Sprockets-PHP asset manager framework for CodeIgniter 3.0x.

Web Services


  • Datamapper ORM – CodeIgniter Sparks Package for Datamapper ORM.
  • Gas ORM – A lighweight and easy-to-use ORM for CodeIgniter.
  • Credo – Integrates Doctrine to CodeIgniter with ease.
  • Wildfire – Yet another wrapper for CodeIgniter’s Query Builder Class

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